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Pan-European interdisciplinary network to identify genetic factors (human genetics, epigenetics, metagenomics) contributing to IBS etiopathogenesis

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We are GENIEUR - working hard to understand factors contributing to the gut-brain disorder Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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What are the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? Belly pain, flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, the urge to pee are chronic issues with IBS. There is no simple test for irritable bowel syndrome. To find the right approach to treatment is a matter of trial and error. Research has identified eating habits, stress and genetics as important factors in the development or exacerbation of IBS. But IBS research needs your support.

A major hurdle for doing genetics research in a complex disorder like IBS is the lack of large homogenized case-control cohorts recruited according to standardized and harmonized criteria. Our pan-European interdisciplinary network was established within the frame of the COST Action BM1106 GENIEUR (GENes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Network EURope) to address these obstacles with funding of the COST program. GENIEUR is currently supported be the ESNM to keep the network live.
GENIEUR has significantly contributed to the improved study design in IBS. More than 80 experts from 22 European countries are engaged in GENIEUR. Our vision is to identify genetic factors (human genetics, epigenetics, metagenomics) contributing to IBS etiopathogenesis. We are a team of people with different background dedicated to unravel pathomechanisms of IBS and comorbid conditions like anxiety and depression and pain disorders. The interdisciplinary connection of clinicians specialized in gut-brain disorders, immunology and psychiatry and basic scientists focusing on (epi-) genetics, microbiomics and phenotypic analysis of case-control cohorts is an important prerequisite for success in this field. GENIEUR is ready to go to the next level, however, to change gear funding is urgently needed.
We aim to dissect the factors involved in the pathogenesis of IBS, improve diagnostics and treatment as well as the quality of life of those who suffer. We therefore need your support.


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